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I had bad experiences as a child and had a great fear of going to dentist. Even when I have Novacane in upper front area as this was it is barely noticeable and I hardly  feel anything. I could not have imagined that a Novacane injection could be so pain free due to the way it is done by the Dr. I  have recommended Dr. Cerdan to others. (Angie’s List)


Top notch service and excellent work by Dr. Cerdan and staff. Really make me feel welcome and always in a great mood. Glad to be a patient and really feel like I can trust his recommendations. I would strongly recommend choosing him as your dentist if you are looking. (Facebook)


His professionalism and his office team really makes him stand out from other dentists. (Angie’s List)


I am a ‘snowbird’ soon to become a full time Florida resident. On our trip to Florida in early October, one of my front crowns broke and I was then missing a front tooth. I have an excellent dentist back North but needed assistance in Florida. I had spoken to my dentist back home, and he offered to work with whomever I could find here to discuss my dental history and work with the Florida doctor. Through a valued referral, I was fortunate enough to learn of Dr. Gerald Cerdan. My initial contact was great. They were able to fit me in the next morning!

Upon my arrival I was greeted by an enthusiastic, lovely staff. Xrays were taken and Dr. Cerdan and his staff got them to my dentist back home. Dr. Cerdan told me of the options that he felt I had and then he and my Northern doctor had a discussion of the situation. A new temporary tooth was an immediate resolution and plans were made for the final fix. The temporary tooth was available the next day.

I am so fortunate to have met Dr. Cerdan and his staff. This dental practice will be my permanent dental office when I am here full time. I strongly recommend this great, professional practice. (Wellness.com)


He does outstanding work and I don’t think I have ever felt the needle going in. He is very gentle and his work is beautiful. I have had several crowns and the finished product usually needs no adjustment. He helped us once when a person I know was here on vacation and broke a tooth; he got us in the next day after I called. We have had a couple of things happen like that so we have called them and explained the situation and they have worked us in. (Angie’s List)

I had been a patient of Jim Vogt since I was four years old. I have had nothing but great experiences with the new staff and Dr. Cerdan. When I considered braces for a perfect smile they made the perfect referral. Dr. Cerdan does a superb explaining procedures and why they are needed. He is a perfectionist when it comes to dental work and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist and an office staff that knows how to handle claims and treat patients (Wellness.com)